Cursillo Movement


 Began in Spain in 1949 and came to the United States in 1957.  It is a Christian renewal program designed to evangelize at the individual level and move outward in an ever widening pattern.  It begins with and intense three day spiritual retreat offered at the San Pedro Spiritual Development Center in Winter park.  This Cursillo, or "little course" is meant to be continued through Ultreyas, or "fourth day" weekly meetings that encourage further growth and enrichment.
Goals and Purpose: Spiriutual growth and purposeCursillo rooster
Responsibilities: Grow where you are planted, spreading the Word
Helpful Attributes: A love of God and each other
Time Commitment: Monthly
Training Required: Cursillo at San Pedo
Fingerprinting Requirement: none
Meeting Schedule: After 8:15 am Mass in the Chapel every Monday.
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