Welcome Fr. Cromwell!

Jul 22, 2013

St. Joseph Church invites you to meet our new Parochial Administrator, Fr. Cromwell Cabrisos

Unofficial portrait of Pastor

 My Dear People of God -

           I am delighted to become the pastor of a vibrant, loving and deeply spiritual people as we have here at St. Joseph Church.  How do I know this?  We have met before!  I was here as part of the Filipino clergy for the Year of Priests “Ah-Men” Concert.  If you do not remember me, it was certainly because Fr. Peter’s rose rewarded performance was hard to follow.
            Before that, I was here assisting with annulments for the Tribunal of the Diocese of Orlando and spent some of my time at St. Matthew.  But I know you are interested in more personal details.
            I was born in the southernmost Philippine Islands January 23, 1953.  For those interested in such things, that makes me an Aquarius. Witty, clever, a humanitarian, inventive and original.  The negative aspects of my astrological makeup I leave for your interpretation.
            I studied philosophy at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Bohal, the Philippines and Theology at the Royal Pontifical Catholic University in Manila.  My Licentiate was obtained at Santo Tomas in the Philippines followed by Doctorate studies in Rome for Canon Law.
            Summers were spent working in the United States; Long Island and New Jersey then locally at St. Matthews, St. Peter in Deland and then seven years in Clermont.  On my downtime, I play an aggressive game of tennis and wind down with the piano.  My prayer is that there will be many common goals to share together in building the future of St. Joseph Church.  For that I will rely on what I hear from you, the living bedrock of this Church.  With God’s grace and your patience, I pray my service to you will be rewarded with much fruit.  That is certainly a better reward than roses.
            Sincerely---  Fr. Cromwell



  • Pat HenryPosted on 3/26/16

    Hi Father! Just reading up on your church and you. I am a parttime snowbird from Onio, and have been blessed to find your wonderful church at the beginning of March when I arrived here. I am a recent returnee to the Catholic religion after almost 50 years away. I absolutley love your church, and could hardly get enough if it this month. All services and events during Holy Week, were very inspiring to me, as was the three night mission with Fr Ivan. I go back home to Ohio on Tuesday, but will return to your church when I am back here in June. I felt inspired to drop you a note tonight after Saturday night Liturgy mass. God Bless you Fr. I wish you a happy Easter, and see you in June.

    Most sincerely,
    Pat Henry

  • x11xPosted on 8/04/13

    ok ^_^