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Detail of Thanksgiving Arrangement




NAB 27th Psalm"One thing I ask of the LORD, this I seek; To dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life,  That I may gaze on the loveliness of the LORD, and contemplate his temple..."






"To begin on this path (of prayer), start by adorning your house  with modesty and humility. Make it shine brightly with the light of justice. Decorate it with the gold leaf of good works, with the jewels of faithfulness and greatness of heart. Finally, to make the house perfect, raise a gable above it all, a gable of prayer. Thus you will have prepared a pure and sparkling house for the Lord.  Receive the Lord into this royal and splendid dwelling — in other words: receive, by his grace, his image into the temple of your soul."


   These words of St. John Chrysostom define the Environmental Ministry and motivate its Ministers.  Shared gifts of talent and the bounty of God's own nature are used to adorn the Church and Chapel throughout the liturgical year.  An artistic eye may seem to be the only gift utilized but dependability, consistency and a willingness to get your hands dirty are even more prized. Volunteers help set up props, work with plants and cut flowers, water and care for the plants on display and tend the flower and plant garden in back of the Church. During the season of Ordinary Time, duties may be minimal but the Easter and Advent Seasons require extra time and effort to balance the various materials available within Liturgical guidelines.  Meetings depend on the season so a dependable contact number is needed to maintain communication.  Helping hands will not be refused, no matter what color the thumbs.  Seasonal help is also considered if an ongoing time commitment is not possible and, if you find that you cannot volunteer yourself, perhaps some of your flowers, bulbs or flowering branches will be happy to fill in for you.


For more information, contact Laurie Spang in the Church Office.