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Spiritual Ministries

 In Matthew, Chapter 4 we learn that the First Temptation of Jesus by the devil was an attack of the corporeal body, its need of food and the instinctive fear of not having enough to eat. Jesus, in solidarity for all men and as Champion of all men against the devil, counterpointed the argument to focus instead on the needs of the spiritual body by stating:  "Man does not live on bread alone but by every utterance that comes from the mouth of God", thus negating the devil's argument and nullifying his power.  The ministries listed below focus on that spiritual body so that it may in turn, strengthen the physical one.


Ministry of Consolation (Bereavement)

Christ Renews His Parish

Cursillo Movement

Light of Christ Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group

Men's Army of Mary Rosary

Ministry of Praise & Mercy

Prayer Shawl Ministry

 Rosary Cenacle