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Ministry of Praise and Mercy

 "More things are wrought by Prayer than this world dreams of."... Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1809-1892

    The Ministry of Praise and Mercy can be illustrated by the recollections of Father Bernard Haring, American theologian, who, while offering Mass in a little church in Bavaria, was struck by a strong sense of the presence of God.  This feeling overpowered him at the Consecration and again as parishioners mingled on their way out of the church.  He wondered if the holy pastor was responsible for the Divine Presence and questioned him.

    "Come with me, I will show you," said the pastor.

    They arrived at the home of  a woman crippled with severe arthritis who joyfully welcomed them inside.  Fr. Bernard, distressed at the sight of her painful efforts of hospitality, murmured apologetically but the woman dismissed his concerns.
    "The Lord is good to allow me to offer my sufferings in union with Jesus and Mary on Calvary for the redemption of the world."
    "Now you know why God is so real in our parish," whispered the pastor when she turned away.  "Her praise and intercession bring God close to all of us."

This ministy welcomes the sick, the homebound, and all who wish to offer their prayers, infirmities, joys, sacrifices and sorrows to God in prayer for the salvation of souls.  There are no meetings or dues.  Members are formally commissioned by the pastor at a special Mass or at home where they will receive a prayer book, a crucifix and a certificate of membership.  A monthly newsletter outlines special intentions to pray for.

Coordinator: Mary Hession

Office Contact: Laurie Spang in the Church Office
(863) 294-3144 or lspang@stjosephwh.org